Our Services


On-Location Podcast Recording

Our core offering is professional on-location podcast recording.

This means that we are able to come to your office to record your podcast. However, if you don’t have a space or would like to record at our space, we can arrange for that as well.

We only use the highest quality equipment to record your podcasts to ensure that every word spoken is clear and understandable.

Mixing & Editing

Mixing and editing is the process where we take your recording and insert music, sound effects and any other recording.

We also go through the recording to make sure that any unwanted noise is taken out and that the levels match the very best podcast on the market.

byo-audio file

If you’ve gone the DIY route and recorded your own podcast and you need your podcast edited to be broadcast-ready, we can take care of that for you. Contact us for a quote.

Filming & Video Editing

Let’s face it, people like watching stuff on YouTube.

To take your podcast to the next level, we are able to film your podcast during the session, edit it and give you the final file to upload to your preferred streaming service.

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Equipment List

Converters & recording interface

UAD Apollo X8
UAD Arrow


Neumann TLM 102
AKG C414XLii
Audio Technica AT4045
Shure SM58 

Headphones & Distribution

Behringer HA400